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Well, its been some time since my last post.  No excuses, just busy!  My last "soapbox" was all about boats, and if you know me, it's a big "box".  Lately I have found something new to photograph, GRILLS! (and better for my marriage that the "I" and "R" are reversed, haha!)

I'm not particular about model or age.  I love the lines, curves and details.  In fact, I have to admit that I understand as much about cars as I do taxes.  But their sculpted shapes just screamed to be photographed.  However, instead of focusing on the entire automobile, I have decided to target their iconic "front ends".

My first foray into this endeavor was a very old fire truck I found in New Syrmna Beach.  After the first shutter release I fell in love.  Since, I have  pushed the envelope on creative exposure and post production filters.  

The older cars seem to have more emphasis on the grill work than newer models.  A good example of that is this old Ford.  The amount of time it must have taken to assemble this complex anatomy.  

The more I study them the more I appreciate the artist that had to craft probably the most recognizable if not prolific piece of a motorcar's puzzle. 

For most followers, brands and vintages are distinguished by instantaneous sight alone.  And what is the first thing you see when a car comes your way, the grill.  "Identity by design."

OM 226 Birmingham City Transport  127OM 226 Birmingham City Transport 127

Throughout the years grills have changed.  From detailed, to bold, to soft and curvy to simple.  And it's amazing how the grill personifies an owner.  i.e.: There's a grill to fit every personality.

A good example of this observation is this Imperial.  It bellows a bold, "in 

your face", attitude.  The fat chrome against a gloss black backdrop evokes the sounds of "hound-dogs" and "heroins".  Times may have changed, but rest assured a beautiful car WILL rest on the laurels of it grill.

You are welcome to examine several other "Grills" I taken at
.  Since this gallery is a work in progress, I would appreciate your referral.

If you know of someone that would like to have the "bow-end" of their unique automobile photographed I would love the challenge of adding it to my collection.  Suggestions are welcome!  Please, no Pintos!


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