I Love Boats!

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As you can tell from the extensive list of boat related photos, I Love Boats!  They are one of my passions in life.  I was born and raised around them, commissioned my first boat at age 7 (a number 3 wash-tub), my first professional career was with a major boat manufacturer, I am also a SAMS marine surveyor (for those of you that don't know, kind of like a home inspector for boats), I am a marine welder, I am a licensed USCG captain and I own a boat (two if you count the canoe.  Sold the wash-tub years ago.)

To me, graceful hull lines against a watery backdrop can be a thing of beauty.  Even individual "pieces and parts" of boats can be alluring; a cleat, rope, the bow, a wooden mast.


Man has always had a fascination with boats.  Probably because they provided an avenue for adventure and exploration.  This past summer the "El Galeon" visited St. Augustine.  My father and I had the opportunity to tour this magnificent reproduction of a 16th century "tall ship".  The amount of craftsmanship was unbelievable.  The joinery, rigging and lighting was superb.   Our course dad and I couldn't resist poking past the typical tourist novelties and really looking at how it was made.  We made friends with the crew, and after much ballyhoo about our self-proclaimed expertise we got a good look at the engine room (not typical for a 16th century ship).  Here horsepower was measured with man-made "iron horses" and not from the sweat of rowing arms.

With boating comes its environment.  Ever changing, it can alter the appearance of a subject from day-to-day.  As an example, this foggy morning of a bow just wouldn't have been the same in sunny daylight.  The stillness and serenity of the moment captured a sense of loneliness and isolation.  And for those with a knowledge of boating, simply put "old vs. new".  Of course that's just my opinion, but since it's my photography I can say whatever I want.  Draw your own conclusions.  

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