A Mother's Day Tribute

May 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

In honor of all mothers around the world, both human and crockadillian alike I present this photograph I took a number of years ago.  Captured in the Black Point Wildlife Preserve at Cape Canaveral, this mother gator is watching over her babies.  Aptly named, if you look closely you will count 13 young alligators cleverly disguised.

A few are still hiding at the edge of the nest while others have ventured out into the water.  And the obvious few basking on their mothers back.

I cannot think of a more protective mother than the American Alligator.  That's probably why this is not one of my best shots.   Considering the fact that I stumbled upon this happy family within fifteen feet of their lair you can understand why I would have been shaking in my shoes.  Alligator mothers tend to have an "ask questions later" attitude.

I still marvel at the fact that this photograph was taken about a mile from one of the worlds most technologically advanced endeavors, Cape Kennedy and our nations space program.

Often I wonder how many made a life of their own, and if this mother received a card or flowers on Mothers Day?


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